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Can I learn  how to meditate? Is there a style of meditation that would best fit my needs? Can I learn how to meditate, even though I have never sat still for one moment?

The answer is yes, you can! Come join us for a magical weekend, at one of our destination locations, and celebrate the "Art of Meditation". Our weekend intensive certificate program will guide you through the art of meditation, allow time to explore your most inner self for optimal health and wellness.You will begin with simple relaxation techniques which will give you the foundation of meditation. Weather you are a person looking to enhance your sense of well being, or you want to expand your knowledge to help others, getting still is one of the most valuable lessons we can learn. And the great news is, that anyone can "Get Still".

As we move deeper into our program you will explore the history of meditation, techniques, and benefits of various disciplines of meditation including Vipassana, Zen, Yogic, and Guided Meditation. We provide reading materials, review sheets, online informational material and guided meditation download CD.

Learn this gift of meditation, enjoy this magical weekend with new friends that you will most definitely meet, and continue to share your new found knowledge with others.

For more information on our meditation certificate program, please email admin@unityoneyoga.com.