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Restorative Yoga Therapy Workshop

Join Karen Russell, and explore the proven benefits of Restorative Yoga. Our workshop will give you the tools you will need to achieve your own restorative home practice, which has been proven to reduce stress, and recharge your entire life.

What is Restorative Yoga?  Restorative yoga is a practice that combines the use of props, holding simple postures for a period of five to ten minutes, to completely relax into a parasympathetic state. Some may say it is the much deserved nap, that all of us need to rejuvenate our mind, body and soul. 

What are the benefits of Restorative YogaRestorative Yoga poses are designed for complete relaxation, to open the body in a passive manner, as to allow more flexibility, blood flow and ignite the parasympathetic system (PSNS).The parasympathetic nervous system, which enables automatic control of the body, will allow the body to rest, or often referred to as, “rest and digest.”  Restorative postures help relieve the effects of chronic stress by the use of props to completely support the student in an environment of total relaxation. These postures are designed to move the spine in a multitude of directions, as to allow more mobility into what is called our “life line”.  

Who Teaches the Restorative Yoga Therapy Workshop? Karen Russell, founder of Restorative Yoga Therapy, and her certified teachers will conduct all of the workshops. Our team comes with years of holistic education and teaching experience. 

Who can take the Restorative Workshop? Absolutely anyone can completely participate in the restorative workshop. Weather your a yoga novice or advanced student; this practice will enhance every aspect of your life. 

What do I need to bring? It is simple, wear comfortable clothes, bring plenty of water, a note pad, and perhaps some snacks. We will provide the props, the manual, and the information needed for you to create your restorative home practice.

What is the cost of the Restorative Yoga Therapy workshop?  

Full Day Workshop: The complete full day workshop, including hard copy manual, lunch, and the master class with essential oils is $275.00. 

Half Day Workshop: The three hour workshop includes introduction to the basic restorative postures, introduction download manual, and 60 minute class with essential oils is $150.00.

Special Group Rates: We have special group rates, which will offer the full day and half day workshop for 1/2 the price per person. For guaranteed group workshops, and on- going restorative therapy classes, please contact Donna at unityoneyoga@gmail.com.

Restorative Yoga Therapy Classes: We highly recommend to introduce the one time workshop, followed by the 90 minute classes. For best results, your business should offer the Restorative Yoga Therapy Classes twice a week.