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UnityOne offers inspiring, creative, interactive, and dynamic empowerment / leadership weekend certificate programs or one day workshops for adults and teens throughout the United States. Our program will focus on the personal empowerment that yoga will bring to you, to enable you to take leadership of first yourself, and then every aspect of the circumstances surrounding you. It is a coming together – a fusion – of Eastern and Western philosophies of leadership.

Learn simple techniques that you can incorporate into your daily routine to enhance every breath you take. Once you complete one of our empowerment workshops, then join our 30 day challenge for the ultimate transformation.

Adult Empowerment / Leadership Workshops: Our adult empowerment / leadership workshops are designed to increase self - awareness, reinforce positive thinking, boost physical energy levels, and support a healthier lifestyle with our continuing education programs.  Our adult empowerment workshops are perfect for corporations aspiring to enhance their employee’s lives, which will ultimately increase the success of the company; or intimate eclectic groups of people exploring to transform their entire consciousness in a retreat setting. Our 90 minute empowerment structure for adults, is perfect for any busy corporation or intimate setting. Your workshop will include; introduction to meditation for mental clarity, effective breathing techniques to enhance your stamina, physical movement routine to boost your energy, interactive reinforcement techniques, and inspirational self – empowerment exercises to build confidence. 

Teen Empowerment Workshops: UnityOne strongly believes that becoming a teenager can have challenges. Most people will reflect back on their lives and eighty percent will commit on their challenging teen years. We decided to focus on this age group, due to the fact that teenagers need extra guidance to a healthier perspective on life. Our empowerment workshops for teens, have proven to change the course of their lives forever. We take the time to focus on specific teenage topics and design our workshops that are creative, exciting and comprehensive to obtain the attention to achieve results. We fuse the Eastern and Western techniques, which are taught by a team who has years of experience with the teenager. To complete our UnityOne empowerment / leadership workshop is our outstanding celebration with an open forum and live music. Thus, leaving our inspiring teenagers memories of a lifetime.

UnityOne offers a variety of empowerment workshops, at exclusive destination locations in Malibu, Santa Barbara, and San Fernando. Enrollment is usually an array of eclectic personalities living at different levels of awareness. This makes for interesting conversation, unexpected experiences, and enjoyable learning.

As with all of our workshops, participants address the negative, focus on the positive and become more fully defined by finding the middle ground upon which to build a life that they truly love. Our workshop participants may expect to find a new, exciting outlook, a fresh way of defining abundance and gain multiple tools to change their perspective of self and life.

Our workshops will help you gain deeper insight into your current beliefs and transform those that are not serving you, while at the same time helping you craft new beliefs based on how you wish your life to be. You will create a conscious life that represents your deepest dreams and aspirations.