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UnityOne Recovery Yoga

Yoga is the union of the mind, body and spirit. As we develop our yoga practice we realize that the breathing, meditation, and asana techniques of yoga can be applied to many life challenges, and one of them is addiction. UnityOne combines the foundation of the twelve step recovery principals of alcoholics anonymous (which was first published in the 1939 book Alcoholics Anonymous)  with the yoga techniques to create a safe space for addicts and alcoholics to inspire each other as a community to empower one through recovery.

Our compassionate, talented certified yoga teachers are experienced in the recovery principals because they have truly been through the twelve step program. Inspiring each student to evolve to their true individual greatness while creating an open forum for community, love and inspiration.

Our recovery session consist of a sixty minute yoga class, with a focus on meditation, breath work, and classic yoga postures. As one feels the mind, body and soul open from the yoga class, the session continues with a classic thirty minute meeting. Each student is empowered, as we create an harmonious space for an insightful and loving open forum.

Many of our recovery yoga sessions, create long-lasting relationships and have become a significant component of one’s recovery development.

Our recovery yoga program is composed with love, compassion and the pure intention to help others through the gift of yoga. Sessions can be schedule to cater to your needs. We have conducted our programs at yoga studios, churches, private homes and recovery centers.

For more information on how to book our exclusive recovery yoga sessions, please contact Donna at unityoneyoga.com