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The ultimate advance 300 hour professional teacher training program!

Are you ready to take the next step in your teaching training, professional career, or personal life? Do you want expert educators, and guidance to help you become an extraodinary teacher, leader, or the person you always wanted to be? Many teachers, and advance yoga practitioners understand the value of self study. Clinical surveys have shown, and this is exactly inline with many yogic principals, that a strong mind creates a vibrant body. This is the key to keeping us "young at heart". In Light on Yoga", one of the many books we will use throughout our 200 and 300 hour trainings, there is a great quote,

" Ignorance has no beginning, but it has an end." "There is a beginning, but no end to knowledge." Knowledge is power, and when we invest in our knowledge, we then impact our lives on many levels.

Our 300 hour professional teacher training program consist of two exciting components. The advanced workshops and lecture series, coupled with our one one one mentor component, cultivating your professional teaching skills to enhance all aspects of your life. Our 300 hour programs, are intimate, expansive and an adventure, to create an experience, as you expand your knowledge of yoga. What sets UnityOne from all other teacher trainings in the world is, we believe that the training should be an exclusive experience. Why not learn in a world class destination, surrounded in beauty? You work hard, you should be able to pamper yourself while your cultivating this deep study of yoga! We are with you every step of the way. In fact, we have personally been known for creating super entertaining reunion celebrations for our graduates.

This is what you will learn from our expert professionals in the 300 hour teacher training course:

Workshops and Special Lectures:

  • The deep study of subtle body.
  • Advanced alignment, modifications and adjustments.
  • Advanced anatomy, postures
  • Advanced breathe work, mantra studies and sound therapy
  • Meditation, subtle body, and yoga philosophy
  • Restorative and yoga therapy techniques
  • Advanced flow sequencing
  • Class enhancements such as Essential Oils, Music Mixes

Mentor and Support Component: UnityOne understands the need for the personal attention that one may acquire to deepen their teaching methods and practice. We include intimate, focused time with a mentor as part of your 300 hour teacher training. There is no extra fee for this mentorship component. You as a student, will be able to learn firsthand by assisting one of our senior teachers during their class time. At the end of each session, you will have the opportunity to consult your teacher with questions, and get the answers you need to obtain optimal knowledge. 

Weekend Course Structure of Dates and Times: Our course structure is an eight weekend course spread over six months. The times may vary from each training, however we like to have two weekends a month, as to honor holidays and your family time. Outside homework, such as observations of classes, book reports, mentoring and online study will go toward the 300 hour training. You can miss up to two weekends, provided that you make up the course materials that you missed to graduate.

300 hour training Prices: Includes all course materials, certificate, workshops, mentor program, lectures, hikes, and use of the facility while training. You will also receive 25% off your next program or workshop.

Full Price: $ 4500.00

For more payment options please don't hesitate to contact Donna at unityoneyoga@gmail.com.