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Yoga Groove

Yoga groove was created to unite the practice of yoga with the freedom of dance. Join Karen Russell as she leads you through this distinctive series of yoga postures with basic dance moves, into a cardio groove building strength, flexibility and endurance. This multi-level practice is perfect for the beginner student with a focus on modifications, while giving the more experienced practitioner options for new inspiration. To complete your Yoga Groove experience, there are four yoga –dance sequences that allow you to move beyond the mat and dance. Listen to the music, allow your own unique creative energy to flow through you and move.

This deluxe double DVD includes for $34.95:

  1. Basic meditation: An easy six minute meditation
  2. Breath: The Ujjayi Breathing Technique
  3. Yoga Pose menu: Complete detailed body alignment for the basic yoga postures
  4. Dance Pose Menu: Complete detailed body alignment for the basic dance moves
  5. 45 Minute Dynamic flow Yoga – Dance Workout
  6. Option Menu: Break down the 45 minute flow into seven segments to create your own practice.
  7. Dance Menu:  Detailed instructions for the dances
  8. Music Options: Instructional voice guide or music only tracks for all segments.

How to use your Yoga Groove DVD:

Start where you are, scan your body before you start this or any exercise program, and honor your body that may require extra attention or modifications during the yoga postures or dance moves. You can always pause the DVD and rest in child’s pose until you are ready to start again. Remember this is a practice, find your own comfortable challenge and let go… have fun…

Yoga Groove is the perfect practice or addition to your busy life. Once you completely understand the meditation and pose menu, you can move into the flow. The flow menu can be completed in one 45 minute workout or you can break it down into several segments, creating a practice at your own pace. Remember you can always return to the meditation or pose menu to review, as to build confidence in your practice.

Now that you own the Yoga Groove DVD, make a commitment to the practice and you will notice a change in your mind, body and soul. Just twice a week will give you the long, lean, muscles of a dancer while learning valuable lessons in meditation, breathing techniques, and basic yoga and dance postures. Enjoy this creative freedom while you enhance every aspect of your life.

The most important element of the Yoga Groove DVD, is for you to become confident as you come off the mat and create your own dance.  Or listen to the music, allow your own unique creative energy to flow through you and move.  I look forward to dancing with you one day. Until then, keep moving and grooving.

Practice guidelines: The following guidelines are designed for your safety and enjoyment. Consult a doctor before beginning this or any exercise program.

  1. Space: Practice in a warm open space. A wooden floor is preferred, however carpet will do just fine. You can place your mat on the carpeted or wood floor.
  2. Foot Wear: Bare feet are recommended. If you feel that you want to wear socks, there is a great company called Yogitoes that have socks that can provide coverage and traction.
  3. Clothing: Stretchy comfortable clothes or simple sweats are perfect for a yoga practice.
  4. Food: Practice should be done on an empty stomach. Allow at least one hour after a very light meal before practicing. Iyengar, suggests tea or a small cup of coffee before a practice.
  5. Props: You will need a sticky yoga mat to perform the yoga postures. I suggest to have a block, strap and a blanket for practitioners of all levels. As your practice evolves, you may not need all of the extra props, however; even the most skilled practitioners know that every day is difference, and props can be helpful to assist in deepening any level of practice. Come off the mat when performing any flow dance movements.
  6. Pregnancy: If you are pregnant, you can conduct a simple yoga practice. However; please consult a doctor before starting a yoga practice. Rule of thumb, make space for the baby. So for example when performing sun salutations, your stance would be wide. Avoid any twists, backbends, or holding a posture for too long. When executing pranayama (breath work), please use simple Ujjayi breath or inhale through the nose and exhale out the mouth. I do not recommend any type of breath of fire (Kapalabahti), controlled breath (Viloma), or navel breath work (Bhastrika), during any phase of your pregnancy.
  7. Moon Cycle: When you are in your moon cycle (menstruating cycle), listen to your body. There are many schools of thought as to what postures to perform during this time. The natural course during this cycle is to cleanse, and with this said, you may be more tired than usual, or even more off balanced. I suggest to avoid holding inversions for a long time, rest more, and perhaps avoid backbends. Our yoga practice is a way of life, you have time, so know that a balanced practice of effort and surrender is for optimal growth.

Disc One:

  1. Introduction and Meditation Menu (six minutes): You will start the DVD with a simple hello from Karen Russell, followed by an introduction to meditation. As you develop your yoga practice you will begin to have interest in all aspects of yoga. A simple daily meditation practice can maintain a stress free life. Yoga Groove has created an easy way to get started. Once you feel comfortable with the 6 minute meditation, you then can download our deeper meditation program called Still Life. This is available online for only $9.95, and will guide you through a complete 20 minute meditation.
  2. Pose Menu (forty eight minutes): The pose menu gives you detailed body alignment instructions for all the yoga postures and dance moves used in the flow and dances. This menu will give you a deep comprehension of all movement, so as to protect you from creating injuries and allow you the freedom to move with ease as you continue to progress into the flow menu.

Disc Two:

The Flow: This complete flow workout incorporates all the dance warm-ups, yoga postures and cool down, designed to target every major muscle in your body.

Breakdown of the 45 minute flow into segments:

  1. Warm- Up: Three minutes of basic spinal movements to warm up your body. This is a perfect time to set your foundation for your practice.
  2. Flow: The fifteen minute flow is a choreographed, heat building groove that incorporates all the basic yoga and dance standing postures learned from the pose menu. You will develop coordination, increase flexibility, balance and strength.
  3. Tendu: This three minute basic dance movement works the feet, teachers you how to feel your inner thighs enhances your coordination and balance.
  4. Contractions / Isolations: This five minute segment improves physical awareness, grace and coordination by moving parts of your body individually. Great for opening the heart.
  5. Hip Openers and Twists: This seven minute section will focus on postures to open the hips and deep twists, to rinse out toxins and cleanse the body.
  6. Floor Barre: Floor Barre is a very popular technique used for dancers to deepen alignment and awareness to the body. This seven minute segment will open the hips, stretch the hamstrings and provide more coordination through dance moves such as developpe’, passe’ and beats.
  7. Cool Down: Cool down your mind, body and soul with eight minutes of simple stretching, twists, and final surrender postures. When we perform yoga, always incorporate a balance of effort and surrender for optimal growth in your yoga practice.

Dances: These very fun and easy dances were designed to get you moving and have fun. All of the songs and music on the Yoga Groove DVD are original pieces created by Karen Russell and Nel Gerome.

  1. Live Long and Prosper (Fire): This up-tempo dance incorporates many contractions and transitional dance steps, such as; the grape-vine,pivot turn and slide.
  2. Lay Down Your Pillow (wind): This mid-tempo dance includes rock step, step ball-change and tree pose.
  3. Yoga Groove (earth): This up-temp dance incorporates plies’, contractions, and voices from the islands.
  4. Surrender (water): Join our teachers as they combine yoga postures into a fluid dance.
  5. Humblebee (air): Create your own special moves as you listen to this original poem.